The market a row old is located in the river Tha China age is about 100 years Built around the beginning of the reign of His Majesty capacity, Chom Klao, the head, is located in the municipal area, Tambon Bang Pla Ma Moo 2 Tambon Bang Pla Ma Bang Pla Ma district Suphan Buri from the document with the writing of history market nine rooms and from the narrative of the elderly the word "market nine room "should have brought from the name of the house nine rooms, which is home ancient history long tradition market nine room told that created by the Chinese people, and the name “ Mr. a foreigner, “ migrated from Bangkok to come to trade in the area neighborhood nine room merchant to prosper in a copyright 2424 by marrying “ her of the ”, which is a niece of Khun Suthep Wongkamhaeng power of the house nine rooms and an occupation trade the raft which made it 1-1 parking, Riverside home nine rooms, which start Yan trade in a house of the sale of two the river, from the point , or the most popular villagers often called “ chink-survive ” trade all categories of goods, particularly to ordain farming equipment and consumer goods, rich and poor known in the name later that “ Mr. foster survive Liang Panich ”

Kaohong Market



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