“Sa Kaeo and Sa Khwan It is believed that the water in these two pools It is holy water that used to be used in the ceremony of holding water to Pipat Sattaya in the Thon Buri period. When the time of King Borommakhachasuek as the commander went to beat the Khmer”

Sa Kaeo Sa Khwan are twin ponds located to the west of the centre of the town within the Sa Kaeo Sa Khwan Public Park, near the Sa Kaeo Municipality Office, Suwannason Road (approximately between Km. 246-247) within Soi Thetsaban 2. It is believed that the water in the ponds is holy. According to legend, during the Kingdom of Thon Buri, Phraya Chakkri (Thong Duang) was appointed by King Taksin the Great to lead an army to fight the unrest in Cambodia. When the troops arrived at the place where it is currently Sa Kaeo, they stopped at both ponds before the fight at Siem Reap. The troops eventually won the fight and succeeded in managing the unrest in Cambodia. Sa Kaeo anc Sa Khwan have become a symbol of holiness and auspiciousness, a well as the origin of the province's name. Moreover, the water in thes ponds was once utilised in the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony

Sa Kaeo Sa Khwan


Moo 6-7, Sakhwan Subdistrict, Mueang Sakaeo District, Sakaeo Province 27000 Map

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