The temple was built in Ayutthaya period. The main ubosot is decorated with masterpiece stucco work especially the one portraying a Garuda that looks do alive facing sideways in the middle of the Phum pattern of which each tip flapping like frames and the running scroll design with coiled stems. Apart from the historical ruins, Khao Bandai it, the highest line-stone hill of 120 meters in the township, has some beautiful caves worth visiting. The first of the 3 important caves is Tham Prathun of about 30 meters deep. The walls are lined with as many as 40 Buddha images. The next cave, Tham Phra Chao Suea, according to the legend is so called as Phra Chao Suea had once come to see Phra Saeng and gave him an Buddha image in the posture of pacifying the ocean enshined here. A few meters further, Tham Phra Phuttha Saiyat, enshrines a big reclining Buddha.

Wat Khao Bandai It


Rai Som, Mueang Phetchaburi, Phetchaburi, 76000 Map

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