“The canal water is alternatively fresh or brackish depending upon the state of the tides. ”

The park is located on the edge of the Andaman sea tide line and waters rotate from brackish to fresh and transform from slightly murky to emerald-green clarity.  As the water miraculously turns crystal clear, tree roots, mangroves, neon green plants, and a host of never before seen vegetation are revealed.

  • Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam is located about 34 kilometers from Krabi town. Take Highway No. 4 (road from Krabi to Ao Luek) till you reach Km 126.
  • The admission fee for adults is 50 baht: children 30 baht.
  • The clarity of the water depends on the tide. Around 3 to 4 pm is the prime viewing time.
  • Can be visited all year round but low tides are the best time to see the crystal-clear waters at their best.

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