“The bridge which links Thailand´s largest island, Phuket, with the mainland also very effectively cuts off the spectacular Pang Ngha bay from boat traffic wishing to access it from the Andaman Sea. ”

Sarasin Bridge As Phuket continues to grow at a rapid pace, so do the bridges that connect Phuket to the mainland. Sarasin Bridge is actually 2 complete bridges with a third bridge under construction in the middle of the two existing complete bridges. The west bridge was the first constructed. It currently takes traffic off the island. The east bridge is the newer of the two completed bridges and brings traffic to the island.

Sarasin Bridge has a total length of 660 meters, 360 meters of concrete surface, 300 meters of prestressed concrete bridge, 300 meters long, 11 meters wide, 8 meters wide driveway, 1.5 meters on each side, responsible by the Department of Highways, Ministry of Transport.

Open everyday time: 24 hours

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