“Ao Sane is a very small beach with rock and don’t have white powder sand.”

Ao Sane Beach is a small bay. Passing Phuket Yacht Club Hotel is a small peaceful beach lined with small and large rocks. clean white sand beach.Ao Sane Beach is truly a haven for peaceful travelers. However, the bay offers accommodation ranging from medium to small bungalows.There are not many restaurants. And there are no tourist pick-up points or taxis available. You have to walk to the beach by yourself, which is where the traffic is busy.

Ao Sane beach is perfect on high tide from November to March for snorkeling or scuba diving, although it is not a great swimming spot, due to the rocks that are in the water.

Open everyday time: 24 hours

Travel from November to March.

Ao Sane Beach


Muang Phuket 83100. Map

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