“Tham Khao Thanan or Thanan Cave contain of beautiful and stunning stalagmites and stalactites.”

Tham Kao Thanan is a limestone cave. The cave has beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. There is a ease path to the inner of the cave.  The monastery was built inside the cave.

This cave is different to the other cave since this place has a monestary inside, aside from that the beautiful and stunning stalagmites and stalactites ub the place, you will surely enjoy and having fun to the natural beauty of the place. 

Driving on the route Stun- La-ngu - Thungwa. From the town of Satun, finding Chalung - three intersection, take  70 kms on the Highway 406, then take the Highway 416 (La-ngu - Thungwa). Finding KM 10, you reach Tham Kao Thanan.

Tham Khao Tanan


A. Thung Wa, Satun Thailand 91120 Map

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