“The waterfall originates from Ka Ming Mountain. It has a year-round supply of water and is surrounded by a pleasant forested area.”

Panan Waterfall The waterfall originates from Mount Kaming. The surrounding nature is still intact. It has water flowing all year round. A power generating dam of a medium scale has been built in the waterfall area.

This waterfalls is good for recreational activities and other educatuonal purposes you will see lots of flora and fauna at this place, aside from enjoying the view of the surrounding, you will also see many of the endanger species at this place, there is also a National Park at this place. 

  • Panan Waterfall is located in Tambon Thung Nui, 39 km from the town of Satun. 
  • Additionally, travelers can directly reach Lipe Island by boats from Krabi, as well as a number of other beaches

Panan Waterfall


Khuan Don District, Satun Thailand Map

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