“A white sandy beach lies on the island. A virgin mangrove forest grows at the island’s side where various aquatic animals inhabit.”

Koh Lidi The very peaceful island, the area of cliffs and caves which are the home of swallows. The island of 10 square meters with pure white sand and the concave bay of large swimming area offering clear water. Behind the island is the area of very fertile seaweed.

Koh Lidi, Satun have till recently been overlooked by the tourists though it is easier to access these islands than many other islands situated close by. 

Thos peaceful place is good for family bonding as well for feild trip with friends as you enjoy the lovely nature and the surrounding of this place, this place is also good for campers uf you are looking dor some aventure.The island offers a white sandy beach and crystal clear water. The island also has mangrove forests and various kinds of marine animals. Tourists wishing to camp on the island must bring their own tents and food as there are no restaurants. 

  • Koh Lidi is located 5 kms. from the Office of Moo Koh Phetra National Park (Ao Nun), or 7 kms. from Pak Bara Pier.
  • Open Daily
  • Renting the fishing boats from Noon Bay Touring Center. 

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