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PhraThat Bang Phuan is an old pagoda. It has been worshiped by the people of NongKhai for a long time. The PhraThat originally was a chedi built of burnt bricks. The pagoda style is an Indian-style stupa, the same model as Phra Pathom Chedi. The current pagoda was renovated by the Fine Arts Department during 1976-1978 after the original one collapsed in June 1970 due to the collapse of the base. The present relic has a 5-tiered Thaksin base, 17.20 meters wide and 34.25 meters Square prang shape connected to each other is a lotus mouth bell, the 6th tier is an inverted bell shape, the 7th tier is a Daopree. and above to be the tiered location and contain the Buddha's relics

PhraThat Bang Phuan has an area of ​​102 rai. Chedi PhraThat Bang Phuan It is a square pagoda. Built with laterite, clay bricks, 1667, granted royal approval for Wisongkhamsima antiquities.

Phrathat Bang Phuan


Phra That Bang Phuan, Mueang Nong Khai, Nong Khai, 43100 Map

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