“Pang Kha Royal Project Development Center, Chiang Kham District, Payao”

Pang Kha Royal Project Development Center Located in the high mountains in the Pong district, the center has a demonstration plot of cold winter vegetables. Including colorful flowers. There are Hmong and Yao Yao communities near the center. Visitors visiting the tribal festivals will find their way of life and culture. The area inside the center is spacious with many cold vegetable crops spread along the hill. It is a perennial and perennial plant, such as Avocado, persimmons, persimmons, black eggplant. Japanese vegetables, etc. In addition to vegetables, a variety of flowers are planted with beautiful scenery. Cool weather throughout the year.

How to get there: From Chiang Kham District, take Highway No. 1148 towards Song Kwae District, Nan Province, passing Thung Lom Intersection and Rachanukroh School for about 2 km. At the junction on the left, turn into the Hill Tribe Cultural Center. About 5 km. The center is on the left hand side.

For more information: Pangkha Royal Project Development Center 054-401023, 088-410-9089

Information and pictures : thairoyalprojecttour

Pang Kha Royal Project Development Center


9CHV+935 Pha Chang Noi Subdistrict, Pong District, Phayao 56140 Map

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