“Visit Phra Cave, see the view at Pha Savoey”

Phu Phra Forest Park is located in Tambon Na Tan, Phu Phra Forest Park was formerly a part of the Dong Mun National Forest Reserve. It features an outstanding mountain located near the villages. The Phu Phra Forest is quite a thick forest, with wild animals and a beautiful stream and view. The plain on the backside of the mountain houses an ancient stone Buddha image. Some of the interesting tourist attractions in the forest park include:

Pha Suay is an expansive stone cliff, about 150-200 metres wide. It is a breathtaking sightseeing spot.

Tham Siam Sap is a cliff cave that looks like somebody had dug the cave with a spade or ‘Siam’.

Tham Phra Rot is a cave that occurred due to the separation of a stone cliff. Inside the cave, there is a walkway of about 2 metres wide and 30 metres long. In the past, there were monks staying and practicing Dharma inside the cave.

Pha Hin Yaek is a separating cliff of 20 metres long and 6 metres deep. The leaning cliff is also a good sightseeing spot.

Tham Phra is a cave 30 metres in depth. The entrance is about 15 metres wide. There is a Buddha image that is highly revered by locals. Every year during the Songkran Festival, people would ascend to the cave to pour lustral water on the Buddha image to pay respect.

To get there: From Amphoe Tha Khantho, take Highway No. 2268 to Km. 16, Phu Phra Forest Park will be found on the left. Or take an UdonThani – Kalasin bus and get off at Wat Sawang Tham Koeng in front of the forest park.

Phu Phra Forest Park


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