“Arts and crafts center Pensiri Yok Dok Silk A place to display and preserve Yok Dok silk handicrafts. Folk arts and crafts of Lamphun”

Located at Lamphun-Doi Ti Road. It is a place to display and preserve Yok Dok silk handicrafts. Which is a valuable local handicraft Inside there are demonstrations of the production process of Yok Dok silk, silk reeling, silk dyeing and weaving.

Silk weaving It is a folk handicraft of Lamphun. That is beautiful, exquisite with craftsmanship and is a heritage of the arts and culture That has been inherited for many generations is one thing that Lamphun people are very proud of, and now many new patterns have been invented. In addition, the color of the silk thread is soft and harmonious. In addition, the quality of the silk used in weaving is carefully selected. by skilled weavers resulting in the quality of Yok Dok silk Reliable and also inheriting and preserving the handicrafts of Thai ancestors as well.

Arts and Crafts Center Pensiri Yok Dok Silk


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