“Wat Thammanimit It is an old temple built since 1941 with an area of ​​approximately 110 rai.”

Provost Nimit Thammanurak is the abbot of Wat Thammanimit, classified as a temple to practice Vipassana Meditation as a student of Pali Abhidhamma. Monk's student There is a shrine with a height_ of 34 meters, a pagoda on a boat, dubbed "Phra Mongkhon Nimit", enshrined at the foot of the shady temple surrounded by various plants. Four directions It is a good viewpointpoint for the scenery of Chonburi.

Wat Thammanimit


527/31 Soi Thetsaban Ban Suan Subdistrict 7, Ban Suan Subdistrict, Mueang Chon Buri District, Chonburi 20000 Map

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