“Chan Ta Then Waterfall There are many species of plants. Whether it's ferns, wild rattan, wild sweet vegetables, various bamboos.”

Chantathen Waterfall, Chonburi: One follows the-same route leading to Khao Khieo Open Zoo diverging left at the entrance to Wat Khao Mai Daeng. A sign indicates the way to the waterfall where on drives down an asphalt road for another 7 kilometers. A car park masks the entrance and there is a 2 kilometers pathway leading to the waterfall lined on both sides by refreshing greenery. Chantathen Waterfall has 5 levels in height_ with a distance totaling 1 kilometer. There are two pathways leading up and down: the first is on that follows along the waterfall itself or along the various levels of rocks, a route that is very popular with visitors who wish to view the waterfall very closely. The best time to visit is right after the end of the rainy season whereas in the dry season water may be less abundant hut visitors are able to track up and down the rock^. Chan Ta Then Waterfall is under the supervision of Kho Khieo - Khao Chomplui Wildlife Conservation District District and Khao Khieo Nature and Wildlife Study Station. The station offers camping activities for youth interested in learning more about nature and wildlife. Persons interested in the Youth Camp for Nature Conservation my write to the Station Chief, P.O. Box 10, Tambon Bang Phra, Amphoe Si Racha, Chonburi 20210

Chantathen Waterfall


Bang Phra, Si Racha, Chon Buri, 20110 Map

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