“Old palace area Located next to the sea, the surrounding area is very shady.”

The Old Palace Grounds are in a verdant area by the sea. Built during the reign of King Rama the fifth, the palace was once a hospice of royal princes and princesses to recuperate after their illnesses. Several ponds, which are still in good condition, are found in the palace garden. These ponds were bestowed with beautiful names, such as Atsadang and Phirphlen ponds. There are also two temples built at the behest of King Rama the Fifth: Wat Atsadang Nimit with a European style ordinal 'on hall and pagoda, situated on the topmost part of the hill and Wat Chuthathip Rajathammasupha situated in the Bhanuransi Village area in the northern part of the island. The tourist attractions on Ko Sichang are quite distant from each other. It is more convenient to rent a motorized tricycle from the pier to visit those places. It takes a little over an hour to cover the entire island. The rental should coast around 250 Baht or whatever price you can negotiate. Travelling to Ko Sichang can be done by a ferry boat which operates daily from Si Racha. Crossing is made every two hours starting from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Ferries leave from piers at Ko Loi Si Racha or at Choem Chomphon pier (Tha Charin) with in town of Si Racha, fares cost 20 baht each.

The Old Palace Grounds


Thung Sukhla, Si Racha, Chon Buri, 20230 Map

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