“Thung Hoi Village The fabric of the original. The unique of Phrae. Outstanding in the fabric.”

Thung Hoi Village The old saying. Migrate from the town of phuan Chiang Rai Lao PDR Approximately 2360 - 2380 Thai Phuan House, Thung Ho The original name of the house called Thun Hong "The word" means "around the support for the iron hit" Khanh "in Thai language. The place is a deep basin down to the puddle, "it was down." So he called. "Ban Tha Khong" is the word "Thung Ho" is a word from the word "thug"

The main occupation of the villagers. It is made of real cloth. The local wisdom of the ancestors. Inherited for generations And is unique to Phrae. It was chosen as a tourist village OTOP.

For more information, please visit: Phrae Travel and Sports Office 054-646205
TAT Office of Phrae (Responsible for Phrae Nan, Uttaradit) 054-521127,054-521118-9
TAT Call Center 1672

Ban Thung Hong


Thung Hong, Mueang Phrae, Phrae, 54000 Map

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