“Kaeng Ko, Mae Lan, overlooking the reservoir and the beautiful surrounding nature”

Kaeng KO, the area is a reservoir with beautiful scenery. Visitors can take a boat ride to see many landscapes and attractions such as Um Pae Waterfall, Um Pad Waterfall, KO Koo Sang Koo Som, Tao Cliff, Phra Non Cliff, Kan Fishing Cliff, Kaeng Soi. Legend has it that it was part of the Muang Soi Kingdom which is over 800 years old. Year There were governors who ruled for many generations, and Phaya Udom was the last ruler of the city. Then Muang Soi was sunk in the water. The remains of the old wall can still be seen. The pagoda is damaged by the times. The tourists can take a boat from Tha Nam KO raft to the left. To Bhumibol Dam Takes about 2 hours

Kaeng Ko


Mae Lan, Li District, Lamphun Province 51110 Map

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