“Visit the island to see the sea and white sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs.”

Koh Kradad Is an island that has been selected as one of the UNSEEN THAILAND located in the northeast of Koh Mak. Distance from Koh Mak (in the nearest area is Laem Son) is about 1 kilometer away.Koh Krad is a medium-sized island. Is one of the islands Located in Koh Kood District It has an area of ​​about 2.8 square kilometers, or about 1,113 rai, with a width_ of 1.2 kilometers and a length of about 2.4 kilometers.The general appearance is a flat area. There is a hill in the middle There are coral reefs and long white sandy beaches. Can walk to each other around the island.

Koh Kradad, Unseen Thailand Island of Trat Sea The reason why it is called Paper Island Because the island originally had a lot of paper trees. And the shape of the island is also flat like paper. Koh Kradad is interesting in that it is an island where title deeds are issued legally. Since the reign of King Rama V. For international political reasons Paper Island is a private island. There is only one resort on the island, which is "Koh Kradad Resort", so people who are interested in traveling tend to buy it as a package.

Koh Kradad


Ko Chang Tai, Ko Chang, Trat, 23170 Map

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