“This monument was built to engrave the names of 1,171 soldiers who lost their lives in battle as a reminder of the Thai people throughout the country.”

Chinese monument Ho Is a memorial of the volunteer militia. Of the 93rd Battalion, which came to help in the Khao Kho area and died in battle. Highway 2196 is just slightly.

This monument was erected on February 20, 1984, and the names of all 1,171 soldiers who died in the fighting are engraved as a reminder to the whole nation of Thais that "Whenever Thai people are in conflict There must be a heroic loss of 1,171 lives, engraved with the memorial. Let nothing like this happen again.

For more information, please contact: Phetchabun Provincial Tourism and Sports Office 056-737094-5 TAT Phitsanulok Office (Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, Phichit) 055-259907, 055-252742-3 TAT Call Center 1672

Chinese monument Ho


Khao Kho, Phetchabun 67270 Map

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