“This streams and waterfalls, Bring cool and pleasant by a variety of plants to the tourist”

Ton pariwat wildlife Sanctuary in the amphoe song phraek. Will arrive ton pariwat wildlife sanctuary. Have travel agents organized ecotours such as river rafting by canoe and elephant trekking type Nature.

You will experience to see the virgin forest of the south since this place is currently preseved, to those nature lover this is perfectly for you to enjoy those rare and only to be found in this fertile forest, another attraction in this place is birdwatching. 

Travel throughout the year

En route from downtown to the amphoe ka pong away from downtown about 5 km. Turn right at ban song phraek into about 10 km.

Ton pariwat wildlife Sanctuary


Song Phraek Mueang Phangnga , Phangnga 82000 Map

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