“Amnat Charoen, this silk weaving that has been practiced in Thailand for centuries. ”

The silk Weaving Center stands as a beacon of cultural heritage and craftsmanship. Located in the province of Amnat Charoen, this center is a testament to the rich tradition of silk weaving that has been practiced in Thailand for centuries. Here, the artistry and skills of Thai weavers are preserved and celebrated, offering visitors a glimpse into the intricate world of silk production.

The center showcases the meticulous process of silk weaving, from the cultivation of silkworms to the creation of stunning textiles. Visitors can witness every step of the journey, starting with the cultivation of mulberry trees, the primary food source for silkworms. The center offers guided tours that educate the life cycle of silkworms and the careful nurturing required to obtain the high-quality silk.

One of the highlights of the center is the weaving workshop, where skilled artisans demonstrate their craft. Visitors can observe the weavers' nimble fingers deftly maneuvering the threads, creating intricate patterns and designs on the looms. The rhythmic sound of the looms  providing a soothing backdrop to the vibrant colors and exquisite fabrics taking shape.

Opening hours: 08.00 AM - 06.00 PM

Amnat Charoen Silk Weaving Center


Amnat Charoen Phana District Map

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