“The city's pillar on Songkhla which the chinesse tradition and architectural are well preserved. ”

City Pillar Shrine Songkhla The Chinese architectural style building was constructed together with the city itself. The Chinese immigrants who came to settle there at the beginning of the 24th Buddhist Century had a major role in the establishment of Songkhla, hence, the distinctive Chinese lifestyle of the area.

  • By Bus - From Bangkok: There are daily buses from Bangkok to Songkhla and Hat Yai. The journey takes about 13 hours.
  • The State Railway of Thailand provides daily rapid and express train services from Bangkok to Hat Yai. The trains depart from Bangkok's Hualamphong Railway Station at 12.25 p.m., 2.20 p.m., 2.45 p.m., 3.50 p.m. and 10.50 p.m. Travel time is about 17 hours. 

City Pillar Shrine Songkhla


Bo Yang, Mueang Songkhla, Songkhla, 90000 Map

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