“On Khao Noi is the monument of Krom Luang Lop Buri Ramesuan.”

Khao Noi Songkhla is a stunning natural landmark located in Songkhla Province, Thailand. It is known for its mesmerizing beauty and offers visitors a unique experience that combines breathtaking views, outdoor activities, and cultural exploration.

Khao Noi Near Laem Samila, has a road to the hilltop for paying homage to the statue of Prince Lop Buri Ramet (The Southern Viceroy), and to view the city. In the east is a public park with food services and tennis courts. In the northeast Ko Nu and Ko Maeo Sala Wihan Daeng Songkhla 9 is Suan Seri, another park with ornamental topiary plants in animal shapes. Tamnak Khao Noi, in the south, was built in 1911 as the residence of Prince Lop Buri Ramet and was used by Their Majesties the King and Queen on their royal visit to the South in March 1959. Today the mansion is the residence of the Songkhla Provincial Governor.

Khao Noi


Songkhla Muang Songkhla District Map

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