“Mineral baths are available daily. Soaking at the Ban Bo Dan Hot Springs. The water is full of mineral which is good for the body. ”

The Ban Bo Dan Hot Springs is surrounded by a beautiful and shady landscape there is a mineral water flow and when you soak it os good to relieve your stress, and do some relaxation while you are in the water.

The locals believed that once you soak in the water its good to heal joint and bone pains, treat beriberi, as well as to nourish skin and hair. Mineral baths are available daily. 

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Ban Bo Dan Hot Springs Na Toey in the Andaman Sea. If traveling from Phuket through the intersection Khok Kloi. Straight and about. Main Km 6 will see the entrance. Beside Ban Bo dan school into approximately 3 kilometers to reach.

Ban Bo Dan Hot Springs


Phet Kasem Road, Na Toei, A.Thai Mueang, Phangnga 82120 Map

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