“Ko Khao Yai, part of Petra Islands National Park, lies to the west of Pak Bara Pier. Admired from afar, the shape of the island resembles a stone castle.A coastal indentation between two capes or headlands, larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf.”

Ko Kao Yai is essentially a sculptural work of nature, similar to rock castle which has a natural bridge protruding into the sea, whereby, during the low tide, boats can be rowed through. There is also a bay on this island called Ao Kam Pu with small falls and creeks. Ao Kam Pu is rather calm with no waves all year round and during the lowest tide, coral reefs and marine life will be very visible along the coastline. Moreover, sea turtles often come ashore and lay their eggs around Ao Kam Pu as well.

Rich coral reef is also present around islands. Many of the islands consist of steep limestone rocks and little beaches. They are still used as temporary residence by fishermen during fishing season.

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How to get there:

  • The journey from Bangkok to Satun can be made on air-conditioned coaches originating from the Southern Bus Terminal. The coaches, varying in 3 types, depart from Bangkok.
  • There is no direct train to Satun. Visitors can take a Bangkok-Hat Yai train, leaving the Bangkok Railway Station.

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