“This waterfall has a lot of water flowing all year round. Originates from the Chinese mountains”

Ton Plio Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in the National Park. And in Satun Province To get to see Ton Pliw Waterfall, take route number 4184 (Kuan Sto-Wang Prachan route).Ton Plio Waterfall is about 6 kilometers from Ya Roi Waterfall or about 12 kilometers from the National Park Office, there will be a dirt road for another 3 kilometers.

How to get there: From downtown Hat Yai along Petchkasem Road. Along Highway No. 4 Hat Yai - Rattaphum which is the same way to Ton Nga Chang Waterfall.Go on for about 8.4 km., then turn right at the Plant Varieties Research and Development Center for about 7 km. to Ton Pliu Waterfall.

Ton Plio Waterfall


Q5W3+W58 Wang Prachan Subdistrict, Khuan Don District, Satun 91160 Map

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