This park is in the Langka Mountain Range, 6 kilometres from Ban Phaeng district and comprises 2 waterfalls. Namtok Tat Kham is located near the park office. This small 4-tiered waterfall is superb for relaxation. Namtok Tat Pho, which can be seen from the highway paralleling the Mekong River, is located 11 kilometers from Ban Phaeng and 5 kilometers from Tat Kham Waterfall. Equally beautiful, Tat Pho is best visited during the rainy season. A trail to the waterfall allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of both sides of the falls while walking a little over 1 hour.

Phu Langka National Park


Phai Lom, Ban Phaeng, Nakhon Phanom, 48140 Map

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