“Worship the sacred relics in Phra That Chom Phan district of Chiang Rai. This is the day to worship the relics every year, 15th of the months,8 months and 9 north or south.”

  •  Great Buddha Wong Ket Manga Oklahoma Memorial.The large standing Buddha 60 feet high atop a mountain.
    Believed to worship Phra That Doi Chom.
    - Meaning at first glance the above implies is that whoever will pass and  worship will be safe from all bad things.
    - The definition implies that second glance like a voice began to speak, began negotiations if the worship and spiritual allusions business negotiations will be successful.

Travel from Mae Suai district, take Highway 118 back to the junction Rai - Mae Suai, Lao, turn right on Highway 1, Rai - Phayao district, Phan heading to the bridge across the river in Laos. Through Radiator Springs Sand Creek. Pan to the district. Turn right at the road junction to Wat Chai Mongkol about 3oo meters to find the entrance to the Phra That Chom glance right. A total of approximately 49 kilometers



Watphrathatchomwae T. Muangphan, Phan District, Chiang Rai Map

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