“Phra Buddha Nirarokantrai Chaiwat Chaturathit Wat Tham Khuha Sawan, Phatthalung Province, travel around Wat Tham Khuha Sawan Attractions around Wat Tham Khuha Sawan”

Phra Phutthanirokhantarai Chaiwat Chaturathit or called Phra Si Mum Mueang is a Buddha image of southern Thailand and is a sacred relic of Phatthalung. It is housed in a square pavilion in an area between the provincial hall and the provincial court. This bronze image in the meditation posture was given to the province by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1968.

Phra Phutthanirokhantarai Chaiwat Chaturathit


Khuha Sawan, Mueang Phatthalung, Phatthalung, 93000 Map

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