“Thai Lue Nong Bua Village We are skilled in weaving local beautiful.  The main attractions of Nan.”

Thai Lue Nong Bua Village Located in the area of ​​the forest. Thao Wang This village is a village of skillful weaving, called "flow cloth", the largest source in Nan. It is a handicraft that has been handed down many times. The majority of the Tai Lue population is descended from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, People's Republic of China.

In addition to textiles, there is also a river algae called "Kai". I live in a clean water 1-2 meters long ago. Roasted chicken and gai Now it is used for further processing such as rice crackers, cookies, etc. Traveling Thai Lue Nong Bua Loi is one of the famous tourist lifestyle and tourist attraction of Nan.

Thai Lue Nong Bua Village


Nong Bua Village, Tambon PaKa, Ta Wang Pha, Nan, Thailand 55140. Map

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