“Wat Maha Buddharam  ”

Wat Maha Buddharam is the most famous temple of Si Saket City. Located not far from the train station, it has three entrances by three different streets. Its main Wihaan is guarded by two large stone colossi like the one you can see regularly in Thailand. It also houses the Luang Phor To, a very sacred Buddha image for the people of Sisaket. This large Buddha statue 6.85 meters high and 3.50 meters wide was built during the Khmer period more than 100 years ago. Besides the main building, there is another Wihaan, smaller and closed to the public and a small building also closed. Note that at 5 p.m., in addition to the prayer of the monks in the main Wihaan.

Wat Maha Buddharam


Thepha 4, Mueang Tai, Si Sa Ket 33000 Map

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