“Chai Boon Museum And it is the meditation of the father of money.”

Wat Hirunyaram or Wat Bang Kham, formerly known as "Wat Wang Tako", is located along the Nan River, Amphoe Pho Thale, Phichit.

The interesting thing about this temple is that. Chai Boon Museum It is a two-storeyed mounded museum on the top of a statue of the monk Luang Por Nguen, a memento of the Thai people throughout the country, very well-known and respected in the temple at this temple. Have accumulated Most of them are the objects that are brought to worship such as Buddha, pottery, etc.

Opening hours: 8am to 5pm

For more information, please contact: Hirunyaram Temple 056-669030, 056-669031 TAT Office Phitsanulok (Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, Phichit) 055-259907, 055-252742-3 TAT Call Center 1672 Phichit Travel Association 056-611206

Wat Bang Khlan


Bang Khlan, Pho Thale District, Phichit 66130 Map

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Open now : 8.00 - 17.00

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