“Wat Wang is an important sanctuary. of Phatthalung Province”

Wat Wang is in Tambon Lam Pam, 6 kilometres from the city on Highway No. 4047 (on the same route as Khao Ok Thalu). This is an important historical site of the province. It was built by Phraya Phatthalung (Thongkhao) in the reign of King Rama III and was once the place where government officials performed allegiance pledges in the early Rattanakosin period. Inside the convocation hall are murals of dusted paint in the time of King Rama IV about the biography of Lord Buddha and about angels. The main plaster Buddha image is from the same period. A total of 108 images line the balcony around the building.

Wat Wang


Lampam, Mueang Phatthalung, Phatthalung, 93000 Map

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