“Saen Suk Beach, Lampam It is a sandy beach with shady pine trees on the shore of Songkhla Lake.”

Hat Saen Suk Lam Pam is about 2 kilometres past Wat Wang on Highway No. 4047. This shady pine-fringed beach on the bank of Songkhla Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Thailand. In the middle of the rotary is a sculpture of a school of Lam Pam fish native to the area. A water pavilion named Sala Lam Pam Thi Rak is ideal for viewing the scenery. A bridge spans the beach and an islet created by sediment from the river. In Lam Pam Lake are dolphins, which can be seen frequently.

Hat Saen Suk Lam Pam


Lampam, Mueang Phatthalung, Phatthalung, 93000 Map

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