“Street market along the beach road Ang Sila - Bang Saen Selling fresh seafood, Khao Lam, Khrok Hin”

is a fishing village about 5 kilometers away from Chonburi. Ang Sila was formerly one of the oldest seaside resorts. The village is famous for its cottage industry, producing stone mortars and animal sculptures, like elephants, horses and tigers. Ang Sila also boasts a number of seafood restaurants. On the beach, one can find villagers shelling fresh oysters, A wide array of local handicraft are also available for sale to tourists.

There are shops and seafood restaurants. By the sea, on the right hand side, just before the Naja Taichu Shrine.

Ang Sila


Ang Sila, Muang Chonburi, Chonburi 20000 Map

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