“There is water all year round, the environment is shady with various kinds of plants. and is the birthplace of Palm Bangsun”

Chat Warin Waterfall is at Tambon To Teng, not too far from town. Take Highway No. 4056 to Su-ngai Padi Hospital, then turn left for 6 kms. The entrance is a good asphalt road in Budo-Su-ngai Padi National Park. This is a medium-sized waterfall that has a year-round water supply and is shady by the many trees in the area.The most striking plant here is the rare Bangsun Palm that is found in the jungle around 1,800 metres above sea level. Originating from Malaysia, the plant is a low tree with many branches that can get as high as 3 metres. It has neatly arranged, large, diamond-shaped leaves. The palm is regarded by many as the most beautiful palm in the world and is found only in this forest. The name Bangsun Palm was given by Professor Prachit Wamanon, advisor of the royal projects, when he inspected the area and found the palm had grown in a Muslim village. The professor saw that the palm leaf was similar to a Bangsun, a large umbrella used in processions. The locals call the palm Buke Ipae, meaning mountain centipede, probably because the flower is shaped like a centipede.

Chat Warin Waterfall


Bacho, Bacho, Narathiwat, 96170 Map

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