“There are beautiful stalagmite stalactite of various complexities are many.This cave is easy to access you vac see variety of rock formation and stunning stalagmites and stalactites. The name of the cave is came from a elephant.”

Tham Khao Chang Hai in the area of ​​Amphoe Na Yong area Ban Na Muen Si from Na Yong market separate from highway enter to Na Muen Si road. Into approximately 8 km.The end of the road is Tham Khao Chang Hai.

Trang is a haven for eco-tourism another spot made by the mother nature is the Khao Chang Hai Cave which contains of stunning, beautiful stalagamite and stalactites this natural attraction bring the tourist to come back local or foreigner. The formtion of this stalagamite and stalactites is like a curtain om the house. 

  • Open everyday time: 09.00 AM. - 03.00 PM 
  • Can Visit throughout the year
  • Daily 2 departures from Bangkok by trains.
  • The Transportation Company Limited provides daily services both of non and air-conditioned buses, leaving from the Southern Bus Terminal on Borom Ratchonnani Road in Bangkok. 

Khao Chang Hai Cave Trang


Na Muen Si, Na Yong, Trang, 92170 Map

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Open now : 9.00 - 15.00

Mon9.00 - 15.00
Tue9.00 - 15.00
Wed9.00 - 15.00
Thu9.00 - 15.00
Fri9.00 - 15.00
Sat9.00 - 15.00
Sun9.00 - 15.00




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