“Woven Cloth Na Muen Si established to carry on the traditional weavers do not get lost. Nearby within 300 meters have Folk Heritage Museum tambon Na Muen Si is a local cultural center of the tambon. To preserve local arts and craft equipment and appliances, antiques more than 300 pieces.”

Na Muen Si in the name of tambon of amphoe na yong woven fabric which has a reputation in the province since the times of the past. And today it has formed a group of women weavers Na Muen Si. To continue weaving a native not give lost. Tourists can visit the weaving groups Na Muen Si. One route same to the Tham Khao Chang Hai By Na Muen Si road in about 5 kilometers.

What is popular in this place is the tradition made of woven  It is hand woven, using a special  weaving technique called kep tako, yok tako, or yok khao all of which means “heald lifting” or “heddle lifting.” 

The people of Na Muen Si Village naturally take great pride in what they do is preserving the tradional method of doing woven

  • Open everyday time: 08.00 AM. - 05.00 PM 
  • For more information, visit. Community Development Amphoe Na Yong Tel. (075) 242431.
  • Air-conditioned buses, varying in 3 types, depart from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Trang every day 
  • Trang offers mortorised tricycles, or Tuk Tuks, for travel within the municipality at 10 baht per trip.

Na Muen Si Woven Cloth Trang


Na Muen Si, Na Yong, Trang, 92170 Map

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