“- As a source of research and information resources of the Andaman Sea.- For used as a place at the National Marine Park personnel management.- For use as a center for marine resource management issues.- For provide a center for the prevention and suppression. Mission to enhance the protection National Marine Park Andaman coast lower part.”

Center for the Protection the Marine National Park Locate at Ban Chang Lang Tambon Mai Fat Amphoe Sikao Trang. Established due to the Department of forest not divided by the internal management structure. By the National Marine all a part of Office of the National Marine Park is responsible for the conservation of the coastal resources of the country. Research on the forest ecosystem, Marine ecosystems include of The study of the living conditions of the communities in the islands and coastal areas are. As well as provide a better understanding of. The natural interpretation for visitors to go sightseeing make coastal resources. Taken care of and protected thoroughly and continuously.

This institute build to protect the marine coastal resources you will learn how to take care the marine eco system aside from that the reason why there is a institution like this is to study historical resources that may require preservation or management. Marine protected areas' boundaries will include some area of ocean, even if it is only a small fraction of the total area of the territory.

  • Open everyday time: 08.30 AM. - 04.30 PM 
  • Closed: closed every day Saturday - Sunday
  • Can Visit throughout the year
  • Center for the Protection the Marine National Park Locate at Ban Chang Lang Tambon Mai Fat Amphoe Sikao Trang

Center for the Protection National Marine Park


C8CX+34P Tambon Mai Fat, Amphoe Sikao, Trang 92150 Map

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