“It is a temple on the top of a mountain. Wat Analayo covers a large area. Cool and shady under the shade of big trees. Inside the temple, religious characters are built and sculptures are built.”

Wat Analayo Thipphayaram About 7 kilometres north of town on Highway No.1 and a further 9 kilometres after a left turn is a hilltop temple, Wat Ananlayo. Covering an extensive area, cool and shady under leafy canopies of large trees, it features built and sculptures of religion-based characters by contemporary craftsmen of great skill. From here an expansive view of Kwan Phayao, the fields and the town is visible.

How to get there : 20 kilometers from the city, go north along Highway No. 1 (Phayao - Chiang Rai) for approximately 7 kilometers, then turn left onto Highway No. 1127 - 1193 for another 9 kilometers on a paved road.

For more information, please contact : TAT Chiang Mai Office (Chiang Rai, Phayao) 053-717433, 053-700051-2

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