Wat Sela Rattana Phabpataram there is ancient Viharn of skilled craftsman Chiang Tung is Lanna Thai art. Adorned with beautiful patterns. Especially the gable. And the arch with brick mural decorated with animal art Lanna genuine. In addition to the statue, there is also a statue of Phra Maha Gopa Piboon Bhikkhu. The size of the actual molding of your own. The pagoda's temple, stone construction, Lanna art. The relics of Lord Buddha. That is a good thing. It is shaped like a large triangular wood and then float to the shape of the various forms such as a picture of the Hanuman shape of the vine. 

Important thing to register

  • Local Viharn
  • Phra That Chedi
  • Ubosot
  • Arch wall 

Age of Construction

  • Local Viharn was built in 1683.
  • Phra That Chedi containing the relics. Renovated in 1683
  • Ubosot created in 1916
  • Arch wall It does not appear in the record when it was created.

For more information, please visit: TAT Chiang Mai Office (Temporary office) (Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang) 053-276140-2

Wat Sela Rattana Phabpataram


ต.ไหล่หิน อ.เกาะคา จ.ลำปาง 52130 Map

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