Wat karuna is a wat located near the dam the Chao Phraya River Buddha image sacred that the Chai Nat respect, the Buddha Maha rock or Luang Poh stone, a Buddha image rock sand largest of the province Chai Nat temple priest rock is a temple built by some, in 2400 in the area around a bend some a record later this year, in 2496, the Department of Irrigation have built the dam the Chao Phraya River, and they must be a receptionist steamed custard, and temple is the move Temple, without change original form to create a new at Wat and deserted of one of the name "Wat Don, a tiger, the toolbar home Don, tiger, Tambon Bang Luang and the, provide the land, in addition to create INEB and set name of the temple, Wat please, but the church is still in the same did not have a receptionist steamed custard, but what is important and interesting of the temple is "Luang Poh Hin Yai,

Wat Karuna



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