“ The most popular beach of Chumpon people Monument of Admiral Prince of Chumphon (Kom Luang Chumphon) ”

Sai Ri or Hat Sai Ree is a large, curved beach that is a favorite among the Chumphon people for their relaxation. This is a long smooth white sand and extensive beach is haded by majestic pine trees and affords some spectacular views of nearby islands.

For historical interest, a monument commenmorating the late Admiral prince of Chumphon is located nearby, complete with a well-preserved WW II warship.  A hillside temple at this site offers a panoramic view of the entire arer, as per the photos I took.

There are some accommodations and restaurants available along the beach.

This scenic and popular beach is about 20 kilometres from Chunphon by Highway No. 4119 and Highway No. 4098. There are bus services from town to the beach. 

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