“ housing relics of Lord Buddha "Phra Suea Muang shrine" ”

Phra That Sawi is the other Phra That Chedi in the area of Sawi, housing relics of Lord Buddha. This of course being a much older site here, which goes back to the times of King Sri Thammasokarat. The Chedi is enclosed by a wall with gates and a bell tower and the cloister is lined with seated Buddha images. Another beautiful white Buddha image called Phra Suphan Rangsi is located just outside the temple walls.   

Located up river Sawi Legend tells that it is fair to Lord Sri melancholic king Dispatch troops to go live in the district battalions Sawi found a crow is strange events other crowd sing cry over dilapidated brick pile. Say it to dismantle brickbat crash less sediment exclusion. Find large pagoda base. When drilling down to find Royal casket containing Buddha's relics Therefore, please create a new tower instead of the old assumptions that the pagoda was built in Ayutthaya period until the Year 2459 has been a major restoration. The relics covering the old tower. The front of relics Sawi river adjacent to the shrine by a person sitting size statue real people. District of Sawi called Pra sua muang shrine.

The templet (wat) is near Sawi River.  It is 47 kms from the city center along Highway No.41, Chumphon-Lang Suan route.

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