“Four Foundations of Satipatthana Dhamma Practice, personnel development, monks learning the Scriptures”

Wat Krod Ngam is a Rat temple. Under the Maha Nikaya Sangha, located at Ban Na Sub-district, Wachirabaramee District Phichit Province There are four foundations of Satipatthana practice.Personnel development, monks learn the Scriptures The abbot of Wat Krodngam, Pramahanaton Satisampanno, has a Dharma practice every month.Suitable for Dharma practice spacious place next to the meditation hall Utilizing space in times of crisis Grow edible vegetables

Open everyday time: 24 hours

Wat Krod Ngam


Highway No. 117, Ban Na Subdistrict, Wachirabaramee District, Phichit 66140 Map

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