“(Temple), Wat Ku Kham Muang Nan District, Muang Nan District, Nan, 55000”

Wat Ku Kham is a Burmese art temple in Nan town. Inside the church is decorated with stained glass. Wood carving And beautiful metal. The statue is a Nan art that resembles Burmese art.


The Tai Yai people named Burma Kham Pok with the wife of Nan. The temple was built in 1921 and the Burmese style of Mandalay. Decorative pattern A circular pattern on the ceiling of the church called the ceiling, which is a symbol in the cosmic mimicry. According to the faith of the East. Each ceiling is in a rectangular frame. The star is a circle decorated with colorful glass pattern.

Wat Ku Kham Muang Nan District


Muang Nan District, Nan, 55000 Map

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