“(Temple), Wat Ko Proet, Laem Sing District, Chanthaburi, 22130”

Koh Peret Temple, a popular spot for tourists to take pictures, the Gulf of Thailand, where we can see Koh Kwang. And a small fishing community on Peret Island On the way down to the temple, there is a pier. Tourists can charter a trip to nearby islands such as Koh Kwang.

The temple parking lot has a viewpoint. Take beautiful photos before continuing your journey. To the view point Pha Suk Niran and Pha Sunshine or Sky View Cafe, that's the main reason why tourists like to come here to park their cars and travel to the other two viewpoints 200-250 meters away.

Let's get to know the history of Koh Peret Temple. (As soon as he entered)

This temple was built in 1906 on this land. With an unidentified Phra Wiang from Ban Thammachat, Bang Kradan, Trat Province

1) The word "Koh Open" comes from the Khmer language, meaning "Kwang", written in Thai as Peret, read as open, but there is a sound of waiting for a boat in a Khmer accent.

2) Names of villages or districts come from Khmer and Chong languages.

3) The name of the language of the community and the Chinese people sailing on the merchant ships.

Tambon Koh Peret In the past, mainland Chinese sailed to trade and stay on the island. This bar is open sea. Therefore, the Chinese call it "open island" or another name that is "open island". It is assumed that Chinese residents built boat houses on the island and suffered from malaria and cholera. Many people fell ill and died. The rest of the people will escape from the open island, so it is called "Open Island".

Wat Ko Proet


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