“Wat Tham Kraub is a well-known treatment facility for drug addicts.”

Samnak Song Tham Krabok is located at Prong Prap hills, Khun Khlon Sub-district, 25 kilometres from the centre of Saraburi along Phahonyothin Road. It is on the left side if coming from Mueang district of Saraburi. Its entrance is between Km. 132-133. It is a well-known rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. This monastic residence was established by a Buddhist nun, Mian Panchan in 1957. After her death, Luangpho Chamrun Panchan, her nephew, has continued the mission. He was awarded the "Magsaysay Award" on 10 September, 1975.


Tham Cylinder Monastery Located in the Prong Prap mountain range, Khun Klon Sub-district, about 25 kilometers from Saraburi town on Phaholyothin Road, if going from Saraburi town, the temple will be on the left hand side. The entrance is between the 132-1 kilometer marker.

Samnak Song Tham Krabok


Khun Khlon, Phra Phutthabat, Saraburi, 18120 Map

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