“Sea Mist view Nature on Doi Pha Chi View”

Doi Pha Chi is a scenic spot located on Doi Tung Mountain. In the same area of ​​the office of Nanta Buri National Park is a beautiful natural beauty. Winter is a good time to watch the sea, do not lose the sea. The scenery in the evening will see the horizon in the middle of the mountain complex. In the morning, the mist appears over the Doi Pha Chi area. There are also natural waterfalls, trees. The former is the area that used to be the base of the opponent. There are also devices such as generators. Plumbing is seen. Nearby Hmong hill tribe villages - Yao lined with.

Doi Pha Chi


Doi Pha Chi Nonthaburi National Park PO Box 3, Tha Wang Pha, Nan, 55140 Map

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